The DioxiCare® System was developed by Howard Alliger, founder of Frontier and pioneer in the chemistry and utilization of chlorine dioxide for personal care applications. Mr. Alliger was the first to patent chlorine dioxide for use on the body in 1978. Prior to this, chlorine dioxide, which is a gas, was utilized only on a large scale, such as for the treatment of municipal water supplies, and paper pulp bleaching. Mr. Alliger therefore opened the field of chlorine dioxide and made it practical for topical use, the full potential of which is only now being realized.

Frontier Pharmaceutical LeadsFrontier Pharmaceutical, led by Howard Alliger and his daughter Valerie, now offers specialized healthcare products utilizing their proprietary DioxiCare technology. Many studies performed on the products are included here on our website. The unique and important benefits of chlorine dioxide are now available to you in Frontier’s Oral Care and Skin Care products, as well as our novel wound care and disinfection products. If interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. 

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