Fungal Nail Infection Cure

Toenail fungus infection is hardy and difficult to eradicate. The condition affects over 30 million people, especially the elderly.

Nail-It Fungus Remover kills, in vitro (in the lab), all germs infecting the nail --- fungus, yeast, and bacteria. The secret is the use of chlorine dioxide.

Saturate the nail with Nail-It as soon as infection is noticed. Fungus usually begins at the tip of the nail and progresses toward the cuticle, building up debris under the nail. Toenail Infection also discolors, thickens, and raises the nail. An infection that has progressed for 30 years is more difficult to eradicate.

According to podiatrists, most fungal products don’t work well. They do not penetrate the source of the infection, which is deep under and within the nail, and protected.

Nail-It Fungus Remover is formulated to penetrate debris under the nail, and also sinks into the skin around the nail. Nail-It contains two surfactants, one that penetrates inorganic material and one penetrates organic material.

Applying Nail-It is particularly easy with the supplied brush. Some noticeable results can be seen with 5 or 6 applications, especially the removal of discoloration. Use Nail-It at any stage of the infection.

Toe Fungal Infection Treatment

Nail-It Fungus Remover contains DioxiCare®, the active chlorine dioxide system, one of the fastest known antiseptics. In vitro (in the lab), the usual fungus that attacks the nail, called dermatophytes, are killed in one minute. Chlorine dioxide will oxidize organic debris and discoloration, soften the nail, as well as attack the germs underneath. Chlorine dioxide is a gas and has excellent penetrating properties.

Discover the good results achieved using Nail-It, with DioxiCare, on nail infection!

Nail-It Fungus Remover has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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May 06, 2016 — tyler pajak