BioClenz Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner (32oz Set)

$ 44.79


BioClenz™ liquid is a Dental Unit Waterline Cleaner (DUWC) utilizing DioxiCare® - Frontier's ACTIVE Chlorine Dioxide System. DioxiCare generates active chlorine dioxide immediately upon mixing Part A and Part B which creates a strong oxidizer and cleaner. BioClenz™ attacks the biofilms which serve as a haven for pathogens and cause harm to patients and staff as they build up in the dental waterlines.

  • BioClenz™ is clinically tested and currently used at universities, dental offices and by the armed services.
  • It is non-corrosive, economical, plus easy and safe to use on dental equipment.
  • The BioClenz™ dental unit cleaner helps the practice meet the ADA water quality guidelines.
  • BioClenz™ creates a safer working and clinical environment for patients and staff.
  • Only one flush a week is needed to keep lines clean... taking a matter of minutes not requiring typical overnight treatment.
  • Provided in sets of two 16 oz. bottles, a 15 week supply per operatory. It is compact and easy to store.
  • Convenient measuring chambers are incorporated in the bottles.
  • Maintaining a clean dental unit waterline system is accomplished in two easy steps:
    • a weekly flush, and
    • a daily low concentration continuous feed to maintain clean water lines
  • BioClenz™ is the only DUWC that uses Active Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Complete instructions are provided with product