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DioxiCare is Frontier Pharmaceutical’s proprietary method of delivering chlorine dioxide (ClO2) into shelf stable, ready to use, personal care products, formulated at optimal concentrations for specific topical applications.

With DioxiCare, there’s no guesswork, no fuss and no waiting. Chlorine dioxide is immediately available for use at the right concentrations. Many years of development and testing went into each and every product. As innovators in the field, we are proud to offer the many benefits of chlorine dioxide in these unique personal care products.

Revolutionizing the use of chlorine dioxide

About Us

Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. was founded in 1993, by Howard Alliger, with the goal of making chlorine dioxide (ClO2) available for personal care uses.

Howard was a pioneer in the field of chlorine dioxide, first discovering its healing properties back in the 1970s. Before this time, ClO2 was only known for use in large scale applications, such as for disinfecting municipal water supplies and bleaching paper and pulp. His efforts to make ClO2 usable on a personal scale, and in a form suitable for use on skin and wounds, resulted in a patent in 1978. To learn more about this adventure, click below.

Howard and his daughter Valerie worked together at Frontier for over 20 years. Valerie continues to run the company to carry on her father's legacy.

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