About Us & Our Founder

Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Howard Alliger, with the goal of creating and commercializing products to deliver the benefits of chlorine dioxide in easily usable and shelf stable formulas. 

However, Howard’s introduction and fascination with chlorine dioxide started much earlier.

In the mid 1970’s, Howard had a company (Heat Systems, Ultrasonics, Inc.) that sold ultrasonic equipment. While looking for a disinfectant to use in his ultrasonic tanks, he found that none of the commonly known disinfectants (like bleach, alcohol or iodine) were suitable, for various reasons. He learned about chlorine dioxide (Cl02), which looked like an interesting option, but it wasn't available for purchase. At that time, chlorine dioxide was being used for large commercial applications, like municipal water treatment, paper and pulp bleaching, and biofilm removal in water towers and food processing plants. The chlorine dioxide in these applications was being made with large generators. But, because ClO2 is a gas, there was no way to transport it, or store it.

Instead of giving up on the idea of using chlorine dioxide, he started tinkering and developed a way to make it on the laboratory bench top, and in a practical form that was suitable for small scale uses, in particular, a form that was acceptable for use on the body.  During this time, he came to find that his formulas were quickly healing his cuts, skin irritations and even major wounds with no evidence of adverse effects. He patented that method of making ClO2 for use on the skin, including treatment of skin disease or wounds in 1978 (Patent #s 4,084,747 & 4,330,531). 

In 1980, Howard founded Alcide, Corp. to pursue the development of his new ClO2 technology.

Alcide performed extensive germicidal efficacy, toxicity, and wound healing studies at research institutions around the country, including NASA. The results overwhelmingly demonstrated that their formulas were killing every type of microorganism, including all bacteria (gram positive, gram negative, aerobic and anaerobic), virus, fungus, yeast and spores - typically within a minute of contact, and without toxicity to humans or animals (multicellular organisms). Furthermore, the formulas were not damaging tissues, were anti-inflammatory, were preventing scar formation, and were effectively deodorizing. This impressive combination of properties is not found in any other disinfectant, and clearly lends itself to a multitude of applications.

Alcide received EPA approval as a High-Level Surface Disinfectant in 1981. The company went public in 1983 and specialized its focus on surface and food disinfection, as well as animal health applications. In 1988, NASA referred to chlorine dioxide as “A Universal Antidote” ( due to its complete spectrum germicidal and deodorizing capabilities, applicable to automotive, medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical and consumer markets.  Alcide was acquired by Ecolab in 2004.

Howard started Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. to further develop the field of chlorine dioxide.

Improving earlier technology, he found a way to generate the ClO2 immediately upon mixture and at a more physiologically agreeable pH (above pH 2 – 3). The company soon developed shelf-stable formulas in liquid, gels, soaps, and pastes, resulting in the DioxiCare® System. The company spent years in product development, extensively testing new formulas, including mouthwash, toothpaste, wound care liquids, gels, and more. Some of these studies are included on our website. Howard obtained more patents on these advancements, including uses as a nasal spray for treating sinusitis (2018) and at 92 years old in 2019, his last patent was approved for treating cancerous tumors. (Patent #’s  5,380,518,  5,389,679, 5,407,656, 5,516,799,  5,616,347, 5,651,996, 5,731,347,  6,039,934, 10,201,563 & 10,463,690).

Initially, Frontier’s products consisted of a two-part system, where the parts are mixed to generate chlorine dioxide producing a fresh, ready to use, batch of ClO2 at the correct concentration for each application. Once these formulas were perfected, Howard set out on the new mission to simplify the process, eliminating the need to mix two together; this resulted in a single part Chlorine Dioxide Complex that is simple to use, safe, effective and shelf stable. All of Frontier’s skin care and wound care products are now available as a single part product. The oral and nasal care products remain as two-part systems, as these highly specialized formulas benefit from having two components.

As the chemistry is very different, Frontier’s new single part technology should not be confused with products on the market that are referred to as “Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide”. Click here for more information.

Howard’s daughter, Valerie Alliger-Bograd, joined the company in 1995.

They worked closely together for 25 years, until Howard’s passing in 2020. Valerie continues to run Frontier with the goal of continuing her father's legacy and providing quality chlorine dioxide-based topical products to the consumer and professional markets. Given DioxiCare's diversity, simplified, ready to use, and shelf stable formulas, Frontier's products are quickly becoming a household name and are the products of choice for discerning medical, dental and wellness professionals and their patients.

Howard’s contributions have been extraordinary. He was a thinker outside the box, an entrepreneur, seeker of knowledge and truth, and always unconventional - but above all, incredibly determined. We miss him terribly but feel his presence every day by keeping his passion alive. There have been many dedicated people; family, friends, researchers, doctors, business colleagues, and employees whose support and contributions have been instrumental to our success. But it is our customers, who thank us on a daily basis for what we are doing, and tell us to “Never Stop Making These Products” that make it all worthwhile.