DioxiRinse Toothpaste

They're the last thing you expect. But with air conditioning on high during heat waves, particularly in offices, the upper respiratory system is stressed as you move between hot and cold air. Any cold viruses present in your system multiply and these conditions can lead to a cold that’s hard to shake. In addition, summertime travel in planes, trains, cruise ships, and buses increase the risk of all kinds of infections, including colds. Fellow passengers from far-flung areas in these contained areas can transmit viruses for which you have not developed immunity.

Gargling into the back of the throat with DioxiRinse Mouthwash provides an immediate soothing effect for sore throats associated with summertime colds. Chlorine dioxide is a well-known deactivator of virus, and is also thought to neutralize inflammatory compounds such as oxygen free-radicals which can cause pain.

For fastest results, gargle with DioxiRinse a few times, about 15 seconds each time. Tilt your head back so the solution washes the back of the throat. At the same time, maneuver some of the circulating liquid into the nose entrance (nasopharynx) at the top of the throat. A slight burning or tingling usually indicates that you’ve “reached the right spot.” If necessary, repeat the procedure later during the day, or before sleeping. It is not necessary to rinse your mouth with tap water after the procedure.

If the pain and infection is due to flu or bronchitis, the disease in this case may be too internalized for achieving good reduction of irritation. But otherwise the relief of pain is quite noticeable.  

Last helpful hint – clean your home air conditioner filters on a regular basis. Nothing good for your respiratory system accumulates there.

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