DioxiRinse Mouthwash Testimonials
I recommend DioxiRinse™ Mouthwash to any of my patients with periodontal problems; ranging from slight inflammation to full blown periodontal disease. I have seen amazing results from my patients who use the rinse properly. I have found that DioxiRinse™ helps to maintain a health flora in their mouths Jennifer Zoller, RDH
In response to your request, I would like to share my clinical experiences with DioxiRinse. I have been using and dispensing DioxiRinse for the last 5 years. The following qualities have set DioxiRinse apart from other more popular rinses. Since DioxiRinse does not contain alcohol, the associated burning sensation is absent which leads to better patient compliance.

Also, continued usage does not cause tooth staining and leaves a refreshing and pleasant taste in the mouth." "Recently, I have also found that DioxiRinse reduces bacteria count which helps the patient to control bacterial plaque in order to prompt healing for periodontal treatment. Finally, DioxiRinse can also prevent post operative infections. Dr. Frank Feng, DDS, DMD
Kristin is a 36 year old female patient that I have been trying to help get her gums under control for 10 years now. She is a chronic mouth breather due to some developmental problems. She builds heavy plaque. We have used everything from fluoride trays to Vaseline on the gums. She used the Dioxirinse and paste for 6 months and came in with very little bleeding, very little plaque, and very little discomfort during her prophy. Dramatic describes it but doesn't quite do it justice.

Jim is a 56 year old male pt that has battled bleeding gums all of his life. He hates getting his teeth cleaned because it is extremely uncomfortable. He came in after 6 months of using the Dioxirinse and paste. Again the word Dramatic. He commented that he 'feels better' and that 'this was the first time I can remember getting my teeth cleaned that it did not hurt'. Dr. Chad O. Edwards, DDS
I have been recommending DioxiRinse to my patients since December 2008. I have observed that the rinse does an excellent job suppressing the bacterial plaque without staining the teeth. In addition, patients seem to enjoy rinsing with it and comment how fresh it makes their mouth feel. Dr. David Scharf, DMD
Board Certified Periodontist
Long Island, Voted Best Dentist Long Island 2010 and 2011
DioxiRinse has proven to be the best adjunctive product to my laser assisted periodontal therapy protocol. The patented two-part, easily dispensed rinse, delivers TRUE chlorine dioxide, a potent antibacterial agent to the tissue. This results in enhanced tissue healing and outstanding long term maintenance. Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS
International Dental Lecturer
My family are all thrilled with this product. WE HAVE GIVEN UP LISTERINE, Thank U for sweet breath, my husband and I enjoy our morning breath because it is so neutral, so much so... that we breathe into each other mouth to c if it still has the odorless effect, It REALLY WORKS! Maryann C
My son has been using your mouth rinse for over 8 years. He had gingivitis so bad he had lost most of his back teeth and his front teeth were so loose that he could hardly chew. He is 57. He has not lost any more teeth since using the mouthwash and his remaining teeth are stable. His dentist is amazed. Thanks. Annetta K
We have been very successful in using DioxiRinse in the treatment of Stomatitis, Glossitis and Gingivitis. We have also had success in the treatment of post radiation and chemotherapy oral lesions. DR. JSY, MD, FACS
As president and CEO of a small growing high-tech firm, I am always having to talk. So I worry about the quality of my breath and am always using mouthwash before critical meetings with clients and subordinates. I can say without any hesitation that DioxiRinse Mouthwash is absolutely the best mouthwash I have ever used. My mouth has never felt so clean, and I feel more confident in speaking up close to people than I normally would, since I'm not having to think to myself, 'I wonder if that look on the client's face was the garlic on the pizza I had for lunch.' In business, confidence is everything and DioxiRinse is the only mouthwash I have ever been 100% confident in 100% of the time. David A.
Must commend you on the power of your products to remove bad breath... I am currently using both toothpaste and mouthwash ... This has been my first time using them and must say that I am impressed.. Before using them nothing worked for me... Soon after I brushed and rinsed I would be back to square one in a few minutes and that led to me being depressed.....this setted me on a journey of research.... A journey on which I discovered your products... I have no regrets cause they have given me back my confidence and ability to socialise upclose. Crystalzee
DioxiBrite Toothpaste Testimonials
Just wanted you to know that after using Dioxi Brite tooth paste for about six weeks, my gum disease has been arrested. Six weeks ago I had four molars that hurt so bad I was going to have them all pulled. I can now chew on those same teeth. It's undeniable why.

I just got my first order of the mouthwash today. First off, I was very impressed with the size of the bottles. A good amount of a great product for the money. And then I tried it. Wow...absolutely wonderful! Kevin Day
"DioxiBrite chlorine dioxide toothpaste showed statistically significantly better removal of plaque than Colgate's Total®."
From a controlled clinical study. Laura Mueller-Joseph, PhD, RDH - State University of NY at Farmingdale
"About fifteen years ago I underwent fairly extensive gum resection due to periodontal disease. At the time the Periodontist told me he hoped that my molars could survive for five to seven years since there was extensive tissue damage and still some deep pockets."

"...In an attempt to slow down the degenerative gum disease process about two years ago I started using DioxiBrite chlorine dioxide toothpaste and DioxiCare. While this is far from a rigorous scientific study, I can only attribute my improving oral health to the regular use of your products. My current health is very good and I still have the molars that the Periodontist predicted would be long gone. You can count me as a very satisfied customer." Kenneth K.
"Just wanted to take a minute to comment on the whitening toothpaste power of DioxiBrite chlorine dioxide toothpaste. I was using a commercial whitening toothpaste and was never satisfied with the results. My teeth were getting progressively darker. I received a sample of DioxiBrite chlorine dioxide toothpaste and began using it twice a day. After 2 days I was surprised by how bright my teeth had become. To test the results, I went back to the commercial toothpaste. Within 2 days my teeth were noticeably darker. I went back to the regimen of the DioxiBrite chlorine dioxide toothpaste and again they whitened up. I am very happy with the DioxiBrite whitening toothpaste."

Thank you. Fran C., RN