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Seasonal influenza (Type A flu) thrives in the soft palate of the mouth, according to a recent article published in Nature, the International Weekly Journal of Science. (See link below.) The soft palate is the tissue in the roof of the mouth, near the nasal cavity. Inflammation in the mucus-coated soft palate triggers coughs and sneezes, transmitting the virus to other people and creating public health threats, says the study. The soft palate was never considered before as a home for flu virus. The discovery is based on animal studies using ferrets, yes ferrets! Ferrets and humans have similar biochemistry in the soft palate, according to the authors.

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We recommend gargling with DioxiRinse to relieve sore throat associated with flu and colds, although the Rinse is best known as the go to mouthwash for gingivitis and bad breath.

The following is a more detailed procedure for using DioxiRinse Mouthwash for sore throats.

Gargle the solution so it washes the soft palate and the nasopharynx in the back of the throat. Many doctors recommend gargling with salt water. DioxiRinse gargling does everything salt water does and more, such as: killing virus and providing immediate soothing effect. DioxiRinse tastes good. Chlorine dioxide in DioxiRinse is thought to neutralize inflammatory compounds such as oxygen free-radicals and interleukin 8, a natural protein, both of which cause pain and irritation.

At the onset of sore throat and flu symptoms, gargle with DioxiRinse a few times, about 15 seconds each time. Tilt your head back so the solution coats the back of the throat. Maneuver some liquid to the entrance of the nasal cavity, sometimes called the nasopharynx. After expelling the mouthwash, another way to reach the infected area is by using the remaining solution in the throat and applying a snoring action, forcing liquid into the back of the nose.  

A slight burning or tingling usually indicates that you’ve “reached the right spot.” If necessary, repeat the procedure later during the day, or before sleeping. It is not necessary to rinse your mouth with tap water after the procedure.

Well past the initial stages of flu or bronchitis, the disease may be too internalized for achieving good reduction of irritation. But otherwise the relief of pain is fast and noticeable. Don’t forget your flu shot well in advance of peak flu season. Also, using a humidifier will ease nasal congestion and help soothe your sore throat.


The soft palate is an important site of adaptation for transmissible influenza viruses, In Nature, The International Weekly Journal of Science


November 10, 2015 — tyler pajak