Compare the second column to the first. After rinsing with DioxiRinse there is no detectable odor; gas concentrations are reduced to less than 100 parts per billion from over 600 parts per billion.

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Gas Chromatograph

Above graph made by a gas chromatograph. 

Odor detection with our nose starts at 100 ppb. Second column shows reduction to under 70 ppb for the three bad mouth odors. 

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Bad breath or halitosis affects about one half the world's population. Nearly all mouth odor is developed within the mouth and not originally from the lungs or stomach, except, of course, if garlic or onion is recently eaten. The root cause is mostly gram negative bacteria growing between the teeth and on the back of tongue. When not removed, bacteria build-up gives us gingivitis, periodontitis and biofilm, and, of course -- odor. One good method to avoid these conditions is daily rinsing and gargling with a bacteria killing mouthwash such as DioxiRinse. The importance of this special rinse is that it removes the foul odor as well as bacteria. A bad odor is often a sign of periodontal disease, and sometimes other systemic diseases.

Characterizing odor is difficult, and is best measured by a special gas testing instrument known as a gas chromatograph (OralChroma, FIS Corp, Ontario). Development of this device, now portable, places odor removal detection in the realm of science rather than "art."

Bad mouth odor is made up of 3 gases, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), methyl mercaptan, and methyl sulfide. These unpleasant smells are oxidized easily by active chlorine dioxide found in DioxiRinse Mouthwash. When testing breath with a chromatograph instrument, small amounts of air are withdrawn from your mouth and injected into a small opening in the device. In a few minutes the gas output concentration is read on a meter. The machine used here gives us the results of a 30 second mouth rinsing with DioxiRinse from a patient with bad breath. 

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