" CankersAway: Your Ultimate Solution for Quick Canker Sore Relief" 


Canker sores, those pesky and painful ulcers that plague the inside of our mouths, have met their match with CankersAway Canker Sore Treatment.  

Back by popular demand, this remarkable product is now available in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle, in a new, more economical 1oz (30ml) size.   

The same great formula, CankersAway provides fast pain relief and improved healing time, fulfilling the requests of customers who have been eagerly awaiting its return. 

What's New with CankersAway: 

Easy-to-Use Squeeze Bottle: The redesigned packaging allows for a hassle-free application. Simply dispense CankersAway onto a cotton swab and apply it directly to the canker sore.

Economical 1oz (30ml) Size: CankersAway now comes in a more economical size, providing you with a larger quantity of the solution to address your canker sore concerns effectively. 


Key Benefits of CankersAway: 

Fast Pain Relief: CankersAway is designed to provide swift pain relief upon application, ensuring a more comfortable experience for users. Statistically significant pain relief upon application, and for extended periods thereafter, was demonstrated in a placebo controlled, randomized, multicenter study.   Link to Study 

Reduced Healing Time: CankersAway not only provides immediate pain relief but also accelerates the healing process. Often, just 1 or 2 applications are sufficient to bring about complete cessation of pain and kickstart the healing journey.

Easy to Use: Simply saturate a cotton swab with CankersAway and apply it directly to the canker sore. 

No Drying Time: Bid farewell to the inconvenience of traditional paste products that require drying the area before and after application. CankersAway eliminates the need for drying time, allowing you to go about your day without interruption.

No uncomfortable residue is left behind, allowing you to resume normal eating and drinking immediately. 

Versatile Applications: Beyond canker sores, CankersAway proves effective in reducing irritation caused by teething or orthodontic appliances. It is a versatile solution that caters to various oral discomforts. 

Natural Ingredients: CankersAway boasts a formulation that includes natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and soothing experience for users. The pleasant lemon-like flavor adds to the overall user experience. 

Doctor and Dentist Recommended: Trusted by healthcare professionals, CankersAway comes highly recommended by doctors and dentists, attesting to its efficacy and safety. 

Suitable for Various Lesions:  CankersAway isn't just limited to canker sores. It can be used on lesions caused by chemotherapy, radiation, and AIDS, expanding its utility for individuals facing diverse health challenges. 


Testimonials from Professionals: 

Dr. C. R. Sachs, DDS: 

"I have been using CankersAway for the past several years, and the results are amazing. The solution offers immediate relief of pain, and soon after application, all symptoms subside." 


Dr. M. Tardy, MD: 

"Use of CankersAway prevented sores from ulcerating if applied before it happened, and CankersAway made sores heal much faster." 


Dr. J.S. Youngerman, ENT: 

"I myself have used CankersAway on several occasions for canker sores and find immediate relief. It works much better than any other product on the market at this time." 



With its fast action, easy application, and ringing endorsements from healthcare professionals, CankersAway is once again at the forefront of canker sore treatment. Don't let canker sores disrupt your life – reach for CankersAway and experience the immediate relief and accelerated healing it offers. Your oral health deserves the best, and CankersAway delivers exactly that. 


December 07, 2023 — Shari Stephens