Spring Cleaning Tips from  DioxiCare

Did you know that your toothbrush can be a haven for thousands of germs? 

But, not to worry, it’s a problem easily solved with the power of Chlorine Dioxide. Just a quick dunk in DioxiRinse Mouthwash, containing DioxiCare – the Active Chlorine Dioxide System, can make a big difference. 


Here’s how we know…

We gathered five used toothbrushes from a group of volunteers. The bristle portion of each toothbrush was cut in half vertically. One half was placed in a test tube with DioxiRinse Mouthwash (equal Parts A and B) and the other in a test tube with saline (as a control). Both solutions fully covered the bristles.

The test tubes were mixed using a vortex mixer and allowed to react for one minute. The solutions were then neutralized to stop the disinfection action at the 1-minute point, and then placed on agar growth plates and incubated for 24 hours. What we saw was incredible!

The samples in the saline control had hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of overgrown colonies on the Agar plate, it was scary. 

However, the toothbrushes treated with DioxiRinse Mouthwash for just one minute showed a significant reduction in the number of colonies (99% or more), as you can see in these photos:   

Test Sample 2

  Test Sample 1

  Test Sample 5       

This is the power of Chlorine Dioxide at work in our DioxiCare products. 

 Dioxi Dunk - Experience The Power of Chlorine Dioxide

So do the DioxiRinse Dunk, for a minute or more, to keep your toothbrush fresh and clean.

Your teeth and gums will thank you!