Nail-It Nail Treatment

Is your nail fungus out of control?  

Fungus of the toenail is one of the most difficult infections to cure. And it is common in the population, especially as we get older. Infected nails are ugly and annoying, and if you tried a "cure" for your toes in the past you realize that achieving a natural look seems hopeless. Frontier Pharmaceutical has the answer to this worldwide problem. Nail-It Nail Treatment with DioxiCare (chlorine dioxide complex) removes discoloration and kills fungus spores in one minute in vitro. Click here to see a study showing Nail-It's efficacy against T. mentagrophytes - one of the nasty bugs that causes nail fungus.

Summer is coming. Now's the time to start preparing to look and feel your best. Nail-It is your best bet. Your toes will be great again!

For more information on fungus of the nail click here.

February 27, 2017 — Valerie Alliger