Simply Clear Chlorine Dioxide Complex Acne Treatment (2oz)

$ 29.99

  • Frontier's Simply Clear Acne Gel offers an advance in chemistry that more successfully combats the condition. Simply Clear is unique in that it offers several mechanisms of action in one product: removing the obstruction, maximizing absorption, disinfection and oxidation. This would normally require two or three separate steps. 
  • Opening the Pore - The ingredients in Simply Clear Acne Gel act on the comedone to dissipate, soften or hydrolyze the hardened material.  This action, as well as preventing the connections from forming in the first place, will reduce or prevent hardening of the follicle wall.
  • Removing Bacteria - Simply Clear Acne Gel, a particularly fast-acting antimicrobial, will deactivate infecting organisms when penetrating the blocked follicle. This action would keep the sebum passageway open and saturate it with germicide, removing the bacteria before the immune system tries to.
  • Stopping the Signal - Removal of bacteria in the blocked follicle would stop the inflammatory response. In addition, Simply Clear may also neutralize inflammatory or proinflammatory substances released by bacteria in the follicle which signal the immune system. This is accomplished by the process of oxidation.
  • Simply Clear works fast, with few or none of the side effects normally reported with other treatments such as burning, skin rash, or initial flare-up of lesions. Because little or no irritation is produced, Simply Clear is ideal for long term and continuous use. When applying the Gel it is not necessary to wash hands or face after application, as with other acne products. The medication may be placed near lips and nose, and can be applied directly on cuts and abrasions such as shaving irritations. Results will often be seen in one week.
  • Simply Clear Acne Gel is a simple solution for a complicated disease.

Simply Clear™ Acne Treatment - Water, DioxiCare Chlorine Dioxide Complex (chlorodioxy urea), glycerin, betaine, cellulose thickener