DioxiBrite Chlorine Dioxide Toothpaste (6.4 oz) - With Fluoride

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DioxiBrite Toothpaste neutralizes bad breath with DioxiCare® ACTIVE chlorine dioxide. Kills germs that cause bad breath and removes biofilm.  Anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis. Fluoride-Free version available. 

  • Active chlorine dioxide toothpaste is the fastest known bacteria and virus killer.
  • Scientists have recently discovered why not brushing your teeth can cause heart attacks, reported in the Telegraph UK.
  • DioxiBrite prevents tartar and plaque buildup, the primary cause of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • DioxiBrite contains fluoride to prevent cavities. Also available Fluoride-Free.
  • DioxiBrite toothpaste quickly eliminates, not masks, bad breath.
  • Chlorine dioxide toothpaste quickly permeates between tooth surfaces and gums.
  • DioxiBrite is the only chlorine dioxide toothpaste that removes biofilm (a complex aggregation of micro-organisms) on teeth and tongue.
  • Chlorine dioxide toothpaste has a powerful oxidizing action and aids in teeth whitening, similar to hydrogen peroxide.
  • Contains zinc, another powerful oxidizing agent, complementing chlorine dioxide.
  • DioxiBrite helps keep toothbrush clean and germ free.
  • It does not sensitize the teeth and has an invigorating natural flavor.
  • DioxiBrite, used in combination with DioxiRinse™ Mouthwash, provides optimum effectiveness and complete oral hygiene.

DioxiBrite™ Toothpaste - with Fluoride: Water, hydrated silica, glycerin, cellulose thickener, sodium chlorite, sodium phosphate, sodium fluoride, poloxamer 407, sodium caprylyl sulfonate, sodium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, poloxamer 407, calcium lactate, zinc lactate, citric acid, sodium benzoate, saccharin, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, mentha piperita, mixed berry, menthol, alcohol, cinnamal, FD&C Blue#1. Mixture contains: DioxiCare (ACTIVE chlorine dioxide)

A note about the coloring: DioxiBrite Toothpaste is a two-part product, and the 2 parts must be mixed for the chlorine dioxide to be generated. One part should never be used alone. Therefore, Part B contains a blue color to help the user see which part has been dispensed and to prevent the same part from being dispensed twice.

It is of interest to note that once the two parts are mixed the color gets oxidized by the chlorine dioxide.

It took many years of development to perfect this formula. Every ingredient was carefully chosen to optimize the efficacy, quality, taste and stability of the product.

How Does It Work?

DioxiBrite comes in two parts. When these two parts are mixed they create active chlorine dioxide...a harmless but powerful gas bubbles.

  • Squeeze DioxiBrite onto your toothbrush and start brushing!
  • The gas penetrates sockets and space between your teeth going deeper than other toothpastes 
  • The chlorine dioxide begins immediately to neutralize odors and bacteria, oxidize stains and whiten teeth.