DioxiRinse Mouthwash

Orthodontic patients, both adults and children, face dental hygiene challenges. 

Food trapped in braces provides a breeding ground for bacteria, often leading to gingivitis and bad breath. Plaque, a sticky biofilm of bacteria, can develop on teeth, tissue and brackets, inflaming gums.  

Braces can irritate the cheeks. Canker sores may even develop. In the case of lingual braces, placed on the inside of the teeth, the tongue may be irritated.

Orthodontists advise their patients to pay attention to homecare and visit their dentists frequently for checkups and cleaning. DioxiRinse Mouthwash is best known as a chlorine dioxide rinse for general dental homecare, but is particularly effective for orthodontic patients. DioxiRinse contains chlorine dioxide, a powerful oxidizing agent that provides a surprising combination of benefits. It neutralizes odor, kills bacteria, helps reduce irritation, does not stain the teeth and tastes great!

Rinsing with DioxiRinse Chlorine Dioxide Mouthwash cleans and soothes the whole mouth, including the tongue and other areas brushing and flossing may not have reached. Swish vigorously for full effect. The effervescence of DioxiRinse helps dislodge food. 

Some helpful tips:

Dip interdental brushes in DioxiRinse to clean around brackets and to neutralize the bacteria that form around brackets. Dip floss or floss picks in DioxiRinse to clean between teeth, and everyone will love your new lack of odor.  

DioxiRinse removes biofilm from retainers. Dip your denture brush or toothbrush in DioxiRinse before brushing your retainer. Or just go ahead and soak the whole retainer in DioxiRinse.

Waterpiks® are effective for cleaning around braces and forcing out food. Add one ounce of mixed DioxiRinse to the water container to get the power punch. 

Check with your orthodontist and general dentist for the best routine of rinsing, brushing, oral irrigation and flossing. Dental hygiene with braces sounds very time consuming but with practice can be accomplished easily. 

Study showing effectiveness of chlorine dioxide mouthwash on bacteria and mouth odor:


Video showing orthodontic hygiene routine that includes two rounds of mouthwash rinsing:


Video showing serious plaque that develops due to poor orthodontic hygiene: